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LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation

Hand in Hand

The LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation makes it possible for the gift of Hospice to be shared with patients and families who do not otherwise have the financial resources to afford Hospice care. Through generous gifts from donors, the Foundation also provides community and professional educational and outreach programs.

There are many ways for individuals, families and businesses to support LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation. For more information on enhanced patient care programs, special events, educational programs and community outreach, please call the Foundation Office at 858-458-2992.

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Benefits of Giving

One of the most meaningful ways to honor your loved one is to support the LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation. Your donation will support those in need in our community in the name of your family member or dear friend. Commemorate a special day or celebrate life in their memory while ensuring that San Diegans who need the gift of hospice may receive it.

Opportunities for Giving

Memorial Giving Program

The Foundation gives donors the opportunity to remember individuals with a memorial or honorary gift. Some families prefer donations be made in memory of their loved one, in lieu of flowers. When you list the LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation in the newspaper or your church bulletin, please contact us so that we may provide remittance envelopes for such gifts.

Matching Gifts Program

Matching Gifts Programs can be a great benefit to the Foundation. Many employers offer an employee benefit by making a matching contribution to a non-profit organization of the employee’s designation. If such a program exists with your employer, to start the process ask your employer for a matching gift form, fill it out, and enclose it with your donation to LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation.

Gifts of Time and Talent

The Foundation needs those who can give of their talent and time to support special events that benefit the programs of the Foundation. Consider sponsoring a special event, or volunteering your time to help create or support an event or educational program of interest to you. You might also consider volunteering time with Hospice patients and their families through the Volunteer Department at LightBridge Hospice.


"You were patient, kind and caring. It was amazing to see what you did and how you did it. Please accept this small gift as a token of our gratitude..."

"Enclosed please find a donation to LightBridge in memory of our mother. I cannot really express the extent of my deep respect and admiration for the folks who comprise your service. Our mother's nurse, one of the most loving and gentle souls I have ever met, made a profound difference in our mother's last years, giving of herself emotionally as well as professionally far far beyond what her job requires."

"I am indeed grateful to the nursing staff for their superlative care during his final hours... Please find enclosed a donation to be used where ever there is need. It is simply a token of my profound gratitude for the care rendered when our family needed it the most..."

Sending Donations

Lightbridge Hospice Community Foundation is a tax exempt organization under Section 501 ( C ) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All charitable donations are tax exempt for both income and estate tax purposes. We will send you a receipt in the mail.

If mailing, please send all donations to:

LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation
6155 Cornerstone Court East, Suite 220
San Diego, CA 92121

The LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation sends an acknowledgment letter to each donor to honor their gift. We also provide a note to the patient's family informing them of the gifts received on behalf of their loved one. Gift amounts are never disclosed.

For more information or if you have any questions please call 858-458-2992.

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The LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation

There are many ways for individuals, families and businesses to support LightBridge... Learn more...

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