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The 2nd Annual Lights of LightBridge Honorees


This year we are pleased to honor Helen McNeal and Peggy Davis, two outstanding leaders, for their steadfast commitment to shedding light on the lives of others. Helen B. McNeal Helen McNeal is the Executive Director of the California State University Institute for Palliative Care at CSUSM. She is an executive with experience in non-profit and for-profit leadership whose career has woven together her dual passions, facilitating working relationships that … More

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Integrating Therapies for a Healing Touch


At Lightbridge our Care Team is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow in the way we care for and manage patients and their families.  This means staying up to date on new and current trends and branching off into what can seem like unfamiliar territory.  When we were approached about incorporating Healing TouchTM into the LightBridge Care Protocol our nurses were excited to bring something new to their … More

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The Case for Palliative Care

The Case for Palliative Care

Patient X is a 59-year-old woman with kidney disease. Thirty years ago, she’d likely be dead. But today, thanks to medical advances and high-tech treatment, she’s had nine lives. For most of those lives, she’s been in and out of the hospital, often being saved from the brink of death, only to go home for a week before returning for another round of aggressive treatments. Her care is further complicated … More

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Dr. Nancy Snyderman: My Life as a Caregiver


Six years ago my siblings and I decided it was time for our parents to live closer to family. So at the ages of 80 and 84, my parents moved from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I grew up, to Princeton, New Jersey, where I live now. I was relieved to know Mom and Dad were getting out of the house, eating good food and taking the right medications. They adopted … More

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“All People Matter” 2014 Social Work Month Theme


The theme of this year’s Social Work month, “All People Matter” was selected to raise awareness of the social work profession’s 116 year dedication to improve quality of life and social conditions for everyone. The National Association of Social Worker’s (NASW) goal is to promote dignity and respect for all people. The focus of this month is to educate the public that these values are key components to improving relationships … More

Homeless WWII Veteran Honored

WWII Veteran Honored

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Contemporary Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine Palliative Care in the Treatment of Advanced Heart Failure

stethoscope copy

Contemporary Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine Palliative Care in the Treatment of Advanced Heart Failure Eric D. Adler, MD; Judith Z. Goldfinger, MD; Jill Kalman, MD; Michelle E. Park, BA; Diane E. Meier, MD + Author Affiliations From Oregon Health Sciences University (E.D.A.), Portland, Ore, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (J.Z.G., J.K., M.E.P., D.E.M.), New York, NY. Correspondence to Eric Adler, Oregon Health Sciences University, Cardiovascular Medicine, 3181 SW Sam … More

LightBridge Recognizes National Cancer Control Month

This year, an estimated half million Americans will lose their lives to cancer, and three times that many will be diagnosed with this devastating illness. Cancer patients are parents and grandparents, children and cherished friends; the disease touches almost all of us and casts a shadow over families and communities across our Nation. Yet, today, we stand at a critical moment in cancer research that promises significant advances for patients … More

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LightBridge Acknowledges Volunteers

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, LightBridge Hospice acknowledges their volunteers and the dedication and commitment they have to their patients and LightBridge! Thank you to all of our volunteers, we sincerely appreciate all that you do!

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LightBridge Honors Local Veterans

LightBridge recently hosted a Veteran honor ceremony at Solaris Senior Living. We had the privilege to thank a very special group of Veterans for their service and the sacrifices they made for our country. During our honor ceremonies we present pillows to the Veterans sewn from the uniforms of their military branch. If you have uniforms to donate to help support this project, please contact us so we can arrange … More

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